If Jeunesse® were a person, it would be someone who wants to change, who has love and respects life."
What’s better than feeling young? The feeling you get from helping the young.
Jeunesse Kids™ is our new charitable organization that makes it easy for Jeunesse distributors to really make a difference. As a corporate sponsor of Global Village, Jeunesse Kids™ directly affects the lives of underprivileged children throughout the world.
What do we do

Through Global Village, Jeunesse Kids™ is able to:
  • Feed hungry children around the globe
  • Deliver urgently needed medical supplies
  • Provide clothing, educational materials, and toys
Global Village is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization staffed completely by volunteers. As a corporate sponsor, Jeunesse Kids™ is in good company with other champions including Muhammad Ali, Michael Jordan, Buzz Aldrin, and more.Donations from Global Village partners and members are able to go directly to people who are hungry and in need. And because Global Village is already established in dozens of countries, infrastructure is already in place to determine specific needs andfulfill them in the most efficient way possible.
High goals
Global Village has already supplied 810 million meals to date. Jeunesse Kids™ is about to help push this number even higher. Our goal: feed ten million kids within the next six months.
How you can help
We hope every Jeunesse distributor will contribute. We are fortunate to be a global organization that enjoys so much. This is our opportunity to give back. You know being apart of Jeunesse can change your life. Being part of Jeunesse Kids™ can change theirs.