I want distributors to say, ‘It’s changed my life. My life is better and I can’t live without it."
First-time direct sellers are having great success in a short period of time.
—Kim Hui
Double Diamond Director
Financial Rewards Plan
Every company promises rewards that are financial. We promise rewards that are so much more than just money—they change outlooks, reshape goals and dreams, and transform the way people experience life. With one of the most lucrative and truly balanced compensation plans around, the Jeunesse Financial Rewards Plan is able to reward more people with more money.
There are six ways to get paid with Jeunesse:
  • Retail Profit
  • New Customer Acquisition Bonus
  • Team Commission
  • Leadership Matching Bonus
  • Customer Acquisition Incentive
  • Leadership Bonus Pool

The Jeunesse Financial Rewards Plan pays commission on sales volume weekly with no limit to the number of levels on which you can earn commissions. You earn money based on product sales and by building and training your own organization of Independent Sales Representatives (ISR).

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